Why Do I need the Internet for Marketing?

2 min readJul 16, 2021

As you know, there are difficulties with traditional media and publicity sources. Most large and small journals have or are going to declare bankruptcy. Circulation is decreased and decreases every week. And advertising revenues go so rapidly down that the old newspaper model does not work anymore while production costs continue to increase.

Major networks and ownership groups of television and radio stations are far from fair.

The outdoor and direct mail industries also suffer losses and defection of customers. The sports teams, the motorsports team and the sports venues are demanding sponsorship revenues for advertising.

Today, the customer begins online searches on the daily purchases, (farmhouses, items). And online research is ending with online shopping more and more often.

Today, clients, businesses and consumers are online at their very best price, value for money, store specific products and maps, telephone numbers, contact details, coupons, third-party and user reviews, guarantee information, best price guarantee, manufacturer’s requirements, product availability, ingredients, recommended applications and other applications. And the Internet alone offers all of this free of charge without travel.

The internet is simply the way to deliver and shop more business, research, news, and information. Will it replace all other advertising media and conventional shopping of brick and mortar? No. However, it has become a necessary force in trade, education, news and entertainment. And, instead of or in addition to a website, many business owners choose a social media presence.

The most required and profitable component of the marketing tool chest can be a properly developed website. The internet is so powerful, as it does not sleep, rest or take a vacation, and it does not require much pay. But it takes time for a website and an internet marketing campaign.

The development, management and expansion of a developed website, like real estate, equipment, tools, patents, trademarks and inventories, should be considered an economic asset. Today’s digital world is one of your most important, if not your greatest assets, a good website supported by an online marketing strategy.

Your demands, targets, budgets and capabilities may vary greatly, but this is a general integrated online approach to become more exposed and prominent on the search results pages (SERPs). Well done, I assure you that your firm will become exposed and leading. It will need time, effort and money, but it will be a cost-effective marketing approach compared with many other marketers, if not all of them.

The integrated online strategy means establishing one key message (look and feel) that is performed across many online platforms or channels, themes, campaigns, promotion and creative execution. Creating an integrated campaign creates a consistent or coherent message that uses the same fundamental personality of copying and design to get to the same outcome.

There is virtually no end to what you can accomplish or produce using the technologies utilized in current website creation!!!




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